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Click on ‘Our Pigs’ and the ‘pig gallery’ to learn more about our farm practices.  You can find out more here about the pork  and about how we make our sausage, ham and bacon.

roast 7We are not currently taking pork orders, but here are the details for future reference.

If you want to stock up on pork we offer savings on purchasing larger quantities of pork.   Starting with a $100 box right up to a whole pig.

You can purchase a side of pork for $450.00 ($375 plus $75 for the curing of the ham, bacon and sausage) or two sides for $850.00 ($715 plus $135 for the curing of the ham, bacon and sausage).  We have a limited quantity of pork each year so order as soon as possible!

To reserve your order we ask for a $100 per side down payment.  We will accept additional payments too if you want to pay for your pork in advance.  Payment can be made in person at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market, by mail or by email transfer.

If you prefer, you can opt out of getting your meat cured.   pork chop 3

A Side of pork includes:

  • 44lb of pork chops, roasts and spare ribs
  • 8lb of assorted sausage (Italian, Hungarian, and breakfast (maple thyme and apple sage)
  • 8lb bacon cured and smoked by Taylor’s Meats (7lb once cured)
  • 7lb black forest ham cured and smoked by Taylor’s Meats (6lb once cured)
  • 8lb ham roasts cured and smoked by Taylor’s Meats

When you place your order you should receive a email confirmation.  If this does not show up in your inbox something went wrong.  Please try again, or message us through our farm Facebook page

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($375 + $75 for cost of curing)

($715 + $135 for cost of curing)