Our Pigs

caramel and potbelly with DaveWe have been raising pigs for several years now.  Our sows are crosses with duroc, york and berkshire and our boar is a duroc-pietrain cross. We believe that crossing high quality pure breed stock makes strong and healthy offspring.

We feed the pigs organic grain from Barnyard Organics.  They have access to the outdoors year around, with enough pasture to complement their diet in the warm months. We round out their diet with any extras we can round up for them, lots of fall apple drops, left over field crops,  as well as hay and sprouted grain treats in winter months.

8 julyWe believe in providing our pigs with the best quality, the greatest variety food that we can. We also provide them with a stress free life.  The sows farrow once a year and they have lots of space. The piglets grow up on pasture where they can run and root to their hearts content.

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