Sausages, ham and bacon

apple and sage sausage with label


We have  been busy making sausages, bacon and ham.   We use ‘real’  organic ingredients including our own herbs, fresh and dried, fresh ground black pepper and fennel seed and sea salt.


italian sausage with label

When you  start with delicious meat it is important not to over spice, and  it doesn’t take much salt.  The result is naturally delicious low sodium food!


hungarian with label

We compared how much salt is in our sausages and some grocery store ones.  Ours have far less salt.



sweet cured ham


We also offer sweet cured ham and bacon.  The ham and bacon is brined in sea salt, dark brown sugar, and spices.  They are not smoked, and no nitrates are used.  This means that the ham and bacon will turn brown when cooked as any other cut of meat would.

If you would prefer you bacon and ham smoked no problem!  We will take it to Taylor’s Meats for you.