The Pork

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Did you know that you can tell by looking at a cut of pork if that pig had an active life?  There are different types of muscles, red muscles are used for endurance, while white muscles are used for strength.  When you look at a pork chop you can tell right away if that pig had a chance to work its muscles.  Another thing to look for is marbling.  When fat is distributed throughout the meat it is more delicious then if the fat is all on the outside.

spare ribsWe have all different cuts of meat, including spare ribs and roasts, as well as pork chops.    Check out our sausages and sweet cured bacon and ham.  We make them with organic herbs and spices and sea salt, they contain no nitrates or fillers.  We also sell ham and bacon smoked at Island Taylored Meats.

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We are pleased to be able to offer our pork vacuum sealed for freshness.  You can find us at the Charlottetown Farmers Market on Saturdays throughout the year.