How we are different

We love raising pigs, and we love the way we raise them.  They have the opportunity to live ‘a pig’s life’ with access to outdoors year around and a varied diet.  We have opted to make their core diet field peas and barley which are certified organic (and GMO-free).   We also provide them with seasonal treats from on and off farm, such as (GMO-free) sweet corn, whey from cheese making, and apples.  In the winter we also sprout peas and barley for the sows when the fields are frozen.  Our pigs are not certified organic because not all the ‘seasonal treats’ they get are organic.

There are many things said about pigs; they are dirty, dangerous, cruel, etc.  All those things can be true when they are denied the opportunity to express their nature.  Here we have embraced their true nature, offering them fields to work, water to play in, and trees to lie under for shade in the summer.

By purchasing pork from us you get delicious food, as well as the certainty that the animal lived a life with joy.  We believe that you will feel that joy when you eat the meat.