us at marketElderflower Organic Farm was established in 2000, in Valley, Belfast PEI. It is a truly mixed farm with a variety of annual and perennial vegetable and fruit crops, livestock, greenhouses, and value added products.

Dave and Margie both came from farm families. We believe in sustainable farm systems where each cog in the wheel provide benefits to other parts that put together makes a whole. In that spirit the vegetable crops are grown in rotation with the pig’s pasture land, and the pigs provide fertility for the perennial crops too. The greenhouses are used to grow starter crops and extend the season. Fruit crops are sold fresh at the farmer’s market stored for winter and whatever isn’t used for that purpose provides a welcome treat for the pigs.

We do a lot of sprouting around here. We have all the usual varieties of sprouts on Saturday at the Charlottetown farmer’s market. As well we sometimes sprout barley and peas for our pigs and poultry.  Not to forget the grass mix for cats and wheatgrass for juicing.

When it comes to value adding we aim for special niches.   We make apple and pear sauce in the fall and dry some of the fruit to make gluten free treats.  We also have vegan pesto, fresh in the fall and frozen for the rest of the year.  Check out the sprouted lentil products too.