We have been busy finding quality local products to add to our website and to our farm-gate store.  The newest addition is fair-trade organic coffee from Air Coffee Roasting.

We have tested it and it is delicious.

“Air Coffee Roasting is owned and run by Lori MacLeod in Mount Vernon, PEI. It was born in October, 2018 from a passion to combine a fresh great tasting roasted coffee with environmental friendliness. The answer wasn’t hard to find – A Fluid Bed Roaster. Unlike a Drum Roaster, our Fluid Bed uses Solar panels to create the power needed to run the motor and heating elements to roast our coffees. This means the green beans are never exposed to propane or natural gases and therefore have no carcinogens added. Air coffee roasting uses omni-degradable labels & bags which means that after you remove the tin tie; they can be placed in your compost cart. The beans are all Fairtrade and Organic. When we put all this together it equals a clean natural tasting cup of coffee that everyone can relax and enjoy. Try the difference Air makes!”

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