Thank you for all your support.  We are not currently producing products to sell.

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Welcome to Elderflower Organic Farm!   

We are located at 1921 Selkirk Road in Valley PEI.

Our farm-stand is open year around.  Summer hours 8am to 8pm

On Thursday afternoons we offer pick up in Charlottetown and Stratford.

Please place orders by Wednesday evening.

Charlottetown  4-4:30pm  Charlottetown Farmers market parking lot

Stratford – 5:15pm  contact us to make arrangements.

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What a beautiful time of year.  The crops are growing.  Every week there are more things ready.  Very soon there will be carrots and onions.

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Spring is here!  Everything is so vibrantly alive this time of year, what a treat for the senses.   We are starting to get the crops planted, the fruit pruned and everything fertilized.

Please forgive us if we are a bit slow to respond to emails or hard to reach on the phone.  This time of year most of our waking hours are in the fields, mind and body!

I did tour around with the camera the other day to capture a bit of what is going with those we share the land with.  

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The winter sure is zipping by.  We have been lucky with our mild weather.   The sun has been a bit illusive, but when it shines on the white snow it is always a treat eh!

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We have been busy finding quality local products to add to our website and to our farm-gate store.  The newest addition is fair-trade organic coffee from Air Coffee Roasting.

We have tested it and it is delicious.

“Air Coffee Roasting is owned and run by Lori MacLeod in Mount Vernon, PEI. It was born in October, 2018 from a passion to combine a fresh great tasting roasted coffee with environmental friendliness. The answer wasn’t hard to find – A Fluid Bed Roaster. Unlike a Drum Roaster, our Fluid Bed uses Solar panels to create the power needed to run the motor and heating elements to roast our coffees. This means the green beans are never exposed to propane or natural gases and therefore have no carcinogens added. Air coffee roasting uses omni-degradable labels & bags which means that after you remove the tin tie; they can be placed in your compost cart. The beans are all Fairtrade and Organic. When we put all this together it equals a clean natural tasting cup of coffee that everyone can relax and enjoy. Try the difference Air makes!”

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Our farm-gate store is now open from 8am to 6pm!  Come get your vegetables, free run eggs and apples. For our sprouts, shoots and frozen products call ahead to arrange pickup.  Or make an order for pickup at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market Saturday mornings between 9am ad 12pm.  You can also find our products through the farmers market on-line store (ordering opens at 5pm Saturdays and closes at 12pm Tuesdays).

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We are opening a self serve farmgate store. 

We plan to keep produce and eggs in it all winter.  You are welcome to drop by for the opening, a cookie or 2 and a farm visit on Sunday October 25 between 1&4 PM. The farm is located at 1921 Selkirk Road, in Valley.

Also we will be offering our frozen products and sprouts for pick up at the farm at your convenience.

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October 13 update

This week (October 17) we will not be attending to the Charlottetown Farmers Market.  We are taking the week to get some harvesting and fall work done.  You can find our eggs, sprouts, catgrass and fruit at Heart Beet’s Farmacy.  Also you can get our products through the Farmers Market online store.

We are making some changes too.  A week from Saturday (October 24) we will be attending the market again but only with pre-orders. Please place your order before the 24th.

We are also preparing to open a little roadside store at the front of our property.  We are excited about offering this option for those that live in close by or who want to take a drive.   We will have more updates on that soon.



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We have been very busy here at Elderflower Organic Farm!  We are in the process of opening a little farm store at the end of the driveway where you can come and shop at your convenience (1921 Selkirk Road). We will keep you posted for when it is ready.   We have also set up a new on-line store front.  You can make orders for pick up here at the farm or at the Charlottetown Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. 

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